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04 / 2023


On April 19, the 23rd China Retail Expo was held grandly at the Chongqing International Expo Center, with tens of thousands of spectators attending.


About the exhibition

China Retail Expo (CHINASHOP) is co-sponsored by the China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) and Beijing Zhihe Lianchuang Exhibition Co., Ltd., and is hosted by Beijing Zhihe Lianchuang Exhibition Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 1999, the exhibition has experienced 22 years of development and has now become an annual professional exhibition for the retail industry.


The grand occasion of the exhibition

Many visitors came to visit and exchange

At this exhibition, Rybo made a grand appearance with a variety of products such as single-light grating pattern sowing walls, pin-type electronic tags, single-light lever electronic tags, and sowing electronic tags, attracting many visitors to stop and learn more. With the staff's demonstration and explanation, the application scenarios of electronic tags in distribution and picking became clearer.

Staff demonstration equipment

Smart warehousing light picking has a wide range of application industries, and the application scenarios are all over related enterprises in manufacturing, logistics and transportation, retail distribution, public utilities and other fields. Excellent R&D capabilities, flexible program planning, complete manufacturing system, and strict quality management are the core advantages of Rybo at the forefront of the PTL market. In the future, Rybo Expo will strive for excellence, provide more diverse and complete solutions, and provide more convenience for picking services.

This exhibition is still in full swing. Welcome to visit booth N5357 to visit and exchange!