Project dynamics|Wisdom empowerment Assisting the digital and intelligent construction of Guangxi Second Affiliated Hospital


08 / 2023



The Second Affiliated

Hospital of Guangxi

Medical University

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University (also known as the Second Clinical Medical College) is a directly affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University, established on March 27, 2003. It is a comprehensive tertiary Grade A hospital that integrates medical care, teaching, scientific research, healthcare, and rehabilitation. The hospital has been awarded various honors, including the "National Demonstration Hospital for Improving Medical Services" by the National Health and Health Commission in 2017, "National Hospital for Management Innovation" in 2018, "Second-Class Merit Hospital of the Autonomous Region Health System" and "National Humanistic Care Hospital in 2019" by the National Health Commission, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, and other ten ministries and commissions. In 2020, it was awarded the title of "National Safe Hospital with Outstanding Performance" by the National Health and Health Commission and the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission. It was also recognized as an "Advanced Unit in Hospital Medical Insurance Services" and a "Demonstration Hospital for Improving Medical Services and Top Ten Highlights" in 2020 (the only hospital in Guangxi to receive this honor). In 2021, it received the first prize of the Hospital Management Innovation Award at the Central-South Six Provinces (Regions) Hospital President's Summit Forum for its standardized and refined management cases.

In recent years, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University has been continuously improving its medical services, striving to achieve digital and intelligent management. As a provider of intelligent warehousing picking solutions, Rybo has helped in its intelligent construction. Recently, Rybo's warehousing picking solution with light picking technology was officially launched and put into use in the pharmacy warehouse of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, realizing the intelligent management of the warehouse with its plug-in Chinese electronic tags.

Rybo develops customized intelligent warehousing and picking solutions according to the characteristics of different industries. The solution developed for hospital use in this case utilizes plug-in Chinese color screen electronic labels, which can display information such as drug name, specifications, batch number, and inventory. One label can correspond to multiple SKUs, saving costs.

The WCS control system of the electronic label interfaces with the HIS system, the SPD system prints the pre-distribution list, and the data is transmitted to the WCS. The system lights up the labels in sequence, allowing one person to process multiple orders simultaneously. Paperless picking operations reduce document processing time, and direct data integration with the system makes it more standardized, facilitating inventory checking. Aisle lights guide the shelf positions, and electronic labels guide the picking of goods, making the picking operation less prone to errors, reducing the picking path for staff, and improving the efficiency of warehouse management.

In the future, Rybo will continue to improve its innovation capabilities and technical strength to meet the warehousing and picking needs of more customers and promote the high-quality development of the logistics supply chain.