Project dynamics|Rybo electronic tags help Anhui's well-known convenience stores with smart warehouse management


06 / 2023

Project dynamics

As a market leader in the PTL industry, Rybo has always been committed to promoting the process of industrial automation. To address the issue of increased picking tasks at a well-known convenience store brand's logistics distribution center in Anhui, Rybo introduced an electronic tag picking system to enhance the professionalism and informatization level of the logistics distribution center and improve the efficiency of picking operations.

By directly connecting with the WMS system, the electronic tag picking system realizes paperless operations, saving document processing time and reducing paper costs. At the same time, it reduces the difficulty of staff training, making it easy to use; it also reduces the amount of movement required by staff, lowering labor costs. The zero-error light-guided picking significantly improves picking speed, seamlessly connecting with logistics distribution, and increasing daily order processing volume.

Based on the experience of using Rybo's intelligent warehouse light picking solution in the logistics distribution center in 2018, the company has once again chosen Rybo to introduce over 3,000 electronic tags in the newly built logistics warehouse. This fully affirms the advantages and value of Rybo's electronic tag picking system. After one month, the new batch of electronic tags has been put into use.

As a market leader, Rybo will continue to innovate and provide tailor-made solutions based on the unique requirements of different industries, offering higher quality products and services. This will accelerate the transformation process of various industries towards intelligent logistics and warehouse management.