Project dynamics|Rybo electronic tags picking system was officially launched in a pharmaceutical company in Tangshan


07 / 2023

In recent years, in response to the development of the times, new models of pharmaceutical e-commerce have entered people's view. With the improvement of medical level and residents' consumption level, people's demand for health is increasing day by day. In response to this, the pharmaceutical industry urgently needs to upgrade the intelligence of its warehousing and logistics processes, and the electronic label picking system has emerged at this time.

Not long ago, a pharmaceutical company in Tangshan officially launched the Rybo electronic tags picking system. The company deals with more than 4,000 types of Western medicine and over 400 types of traditional Chinese medicine to distribute to major hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the province. To cope with the expansion of its business and the increase in order volume, the company purchased the Rybo electronic tags system to connect with its WMS system, achieving efficient and low-error sorting operations in its warehousing and distribution center.

Different from other e-commerce industry types, orders in the pharmaceutical industry need to be picked more accurately, and the growing number of retail orders, the picking pressure of seasonal drugs, and the improvement of delivery timeliness requirements have all put forward higher requirements for picking and distribution centers. .

The Rybo electronic tags picking system guides picking by lighting up the electronic label, which reduces the picking error rate, reduces the picking distance of the staff, improves the picking efficiency, seamlessly connects logistics and distribution, and increases the daily order processing volume. It better solves the problems encountered in the logistics and distribution links of pharmaceutical e-commerce development.

As an industry leader, Rybo will keep up with the times, continue to innovate, and provide customers with high-quality logistics warehousing solutions and services.