RY3Z-4841 Chinese display electronic label
Supports 48-bit Chinese character input to meet Chinese character display needs
Package design, waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision
The shell is made of high-strength engineering materials and is encapsulated on the back, reaching IP56 standard, waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision.
  • High-definition screen display, energy saving and low consumption
    Using 80x35mm LCD screen, high definition and bright, energy saving and low power consumption.
  • 48-bit Chinese character input,
    accurate display of information
    Supports 48-bit Chinese character input to indicate cargo location information, and the information is accurately displayed.
  • Various types of information records,
    suitable for pharmaceutical warehousing
    It can effectively record drug names, specifications, batch numbers, quantities, etc.,
    and is suitable for pharmaceutical warehousing and other needs.
  • Support RFID card lights out
    Can be connected to external gratings and light strips, and supports RFID cards to turn off the lights.
Technical specifications
  • Voltage
    DC 12V
  • Size
  • Working humidity
    < 90%
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