RY30-1450 five-digit electronic tag
Supports customization of digital meanings to meet the needs of various business scenarios
  • Two-color digital tube to guide inventory location and quantity
    Two-color digital tube, the first two green digits indicate the storage location, and the last three red digits display the quantity.
  • Label color customization, flexible selection
    The label lighting color can be customized by the user, with a total of 7 colors available.
  • Data is uploaded automatically, saving you worry and effort
    After picking the goods, the tags are photographed and the data is automatically uploaded to the backend.
  • Supports external light strips to quickly assemble the seeding wall
    It can be connected to an external grating/light strip and used in combination with an electronic tag seeding wall. The operation is simple, safe and fast.
Technical specifications
  • Voltage
    DC 12V
  • Size
  • Working humidity
    < 90%